Known Problems

  1. The following Delphi functionality is as of yet not implemented:

    • Dispatch interfaces (dispinterface) and the dispip index modifier
    • Packages and sharemem, and related DLL functionality
    • delegation with the implements keyword
  2. Known incompabilities with Delphi

    • Due to use of an external linker and out of multiplatform concerns, it is not possible to declare a function in an interface of an unit, and redeclare it as external in the implemention. An external function must be fully defined by the interface, and the interface only.
  3. Known incompabilities with Gentoo

    • On Gentoo x86_64 systems, 32-bit libraries are installed in /lib32. This results in problems if you install the i386 compiler on a Gentoo x86_64 system, as it expects to find its libraries in /lib (this is where the compiler should search according to the x86_64 ABI).
  4. Line length of the documentation in plain text format is > 80 characters.

    • The tool which is used to create the plain text documentation from the TeX sources isn't able to create files with a maximum line length of 80 chars.
  5. Problems when the compiler is installed in a directory which requires a long file name

    • To avoid problems with external utilities used during the compilation process, do not install the compiler in paths containing one or more long file names on Dos and Windows platforms. The programs created using FPC however fully support long file names.